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August 26, 2008


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Aaah, sorry you had problems. It sounds DELISH!

I've sometimes had that same thought about Dorie giving Paula a run for her money.


Sorry it didn't work in its original form. Your version sounds great, though.


Oh, to drink a bowl of tepid, disgusting butter! And to play video games in the eighties! Etc!

Sorry to hear about this week's disasterpiece. Hopefully the next two weeks of cookies will bring things back to the norm.


awww, it still looks like it tasted good!


It still looks yummy! I'm with you on the butter thing -- sometimes I wish that I had decided to take up pilates instead of baking. I love your flavor choices! Your pictures make me want to dive right in!


Love dulce de leche, and those chocolate crumbles look soooo good! I am sorry to hear about your problems with this torte (but I'm glad I wasn't the only one ;-)


Too bad your freezer wouldn't cooperate, but while you might not have found your torte pretty, the flavor combos, chocolate strusel and dulce de leche fro yo...sounds divine!

Mary Ann

Okay, you are totally cracking me up! I never realized that Dorie really could give Paula Deen some competition on the butter issue. I am still laughing. Thanks. At least you gave it a try, right?

Carol Peterman

Even all melty it looks really delicious. Dulce de leche - I am right with you on that one.


What a shame! Thanks for filling me in on the Paula Deen thing. My boyfriend and I always impersonate Paula Deen and the first thing we say is, "Start with three sticks of butter..."


Ew, I never knew Paula Deen drank butter, gross. And how can someone not like ice cream cake or the 80's? :-) I think your cake actually looks pretty good... you could have passed it off like you meant for it to look that way! Wish I had incorporated some crunchies into mine!

Heather B

It looks and sounds delicious! I had melty problem too. Oh well, it still tastes good right? That's what counts!


Wow, drinking butter. That's crazy!! Love your post!


Sorry to hear that your freezer was being difficult. I love the streusel idea--I love the crunchy bits in Carvel cake. I haven't had that in forever.


i can't believe paula drank butter!!?!

my mom made the same comment when she flipped through dorie's book. i told her how much i loved it and all she could say after looking at the recipes was - there's too much better in all these recipes! :)

sorry your cake didn't freeze too well, but at least it was delicious, right?

Matt's Kitchen

I love your sense of humor and the way you tell it like is. I added those two sticks of butter and thought about what you said and laughed. I also love your inventiveness. The dulce de leche fro-yo and chocolate streusel topping both sound and look delicious and are much less fattening. I admire your willpower, too, something I have a hard time with!


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