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August 26, 2008


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April B

I'm so sorry it got soupy, but it still looks good! I understand about the butter, I should have bought some stock in a dairy for all the butter and heavy cream I've used over the last few months.


Although you are not fully satisfied, it looks really good!


I guess if bf doesn't like ice cream cake, that's more for you! Sorry about the frustrating freezer - your torte looks yummy and the crunchies sound perfect. I used Heath bits for crunch (laaaazy!)


you know....your torte looks really good. I like the streusel idea...much better than the raw eggs, which I still can't get over!


Oh god, I remember when Paula did that. But at least she did - I get so annoyed watching Sandra Lee fake-eat food. You know she won't touch that crap.

I love the ideas for dulce de leche fro yo. I'm trying to cut back the calories, too, which means only one night of dessert, not eat dessert until the whole thing's gone. Nice job.


oohh, streusel topping. That sounds great.
The caramel ice cream looks beautiful too.


Hooray for crunchies!


Sorry it didn't go to well for you and the torte. I still think it looks good. Paula Deen is a riot!


For reals? ;)

I need a wii, too. If we'd signed up for cable ONE WEEK later, we'd have gotten a free one. Arrrrrrgh!


haha - you're hilarious. sorry about your freezer! it was definitely kind of a crucial part of this recipe. :) oops, i didn't think twice about the two sticks of butter ... but every week, i'm baking for my in-laws, so there's a whole group of us eating. plenty of dispersion for the calories..haha. :) i still think yours looks tasty even if it's a bit melty.


I think your ice cream cake looks great! Love the streusel topping. I wanted a wii for my birthday too (which was in July) and dh finally got me one a couple of weeks ago. I think we're about the same age and we are definitely not too old for a wii, dh and I are having a blast with ours, so go out and get one :)


I am so sorry it was soupy! I so agree with you, Dorie and Paula are killing me with all of the butter!


I think yours was a fabulous idea! We did the ganache.......way too chocolatey:-)

Oh my goodness! PD drinking butter, gross!


This looks so good...the streusel on top is really wonderful. Very pretty and great photos.

I laughed about Paula drinking butter...OMW...can you even imagine doing that? Very funny. You are always fun to read...can't wait until next week. Great job this week, even though it didn't meet your expectations, it sure looks good!


Paula Deen is seriously trying to kill us all. Dorie's stuff at least tastes good :) I love the dulce de leche fro-yo use, and the streusel - great ideas!

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

So sorry you had trouble with your minis. Even so, they sound and look delicious. I love the flavor combination you chose.


I cracked up as soon as I read your title. Hilarious and hey, it must have been some truly awesome soup.


Well damn the boyfriends who don't like ice cream cake. Damn them. I think yours looks great the way. :)


Sorry it didn't freeze up for you. My fridge and freezer like to mess with me too, they have been good for the last few weeks though.
I didn't know it was possible not to like ice cream cake - check to see if he is an android when he is sleeping.
The crunchy topping was a great idea!


It still looks better than mine!! And mine wouldn't even make it as a tee shirt.

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