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August 05, 2008


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Wow, never made a banana loaf?!? I think you did a great job on your first attempt. I like your struesel idea, I wonder why it sunk...hmmm. Your cupcake looks marvelous, I've loving the flowing banana frosting and walnuts, yum!


These look so cute and so good. I love all the little variations you shared with us...the topping, the cupcake size, etc., all very nice and something I will definitely try. Great post...I look forward to yours each week!


my marbling effect wasn't present too. not without a bit of squinting too of course. But great effort on yours and i'm so glad u enjoyed them.


I love the little frosted cupcake! I can see the marbling in your cupcake... its like little chocolate whisps of tastiness in there!


Nice job--frosting is an addition that you just gotta love!


Your banana frostening looks fantastic! Good thinking! Also i think that cinnamon struesel sounds very good.....


Ooohhhh I am not a fan of banana bread but make it into a cupcake and now I want it! LOL. PS. I can totally see the marbling, no squinting needed ;)
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Love your experiments! Maybe if you added the streusel halfway through the baking time it would have stayed on top. Some of my recipes call for streusel to be added later.


Your cupcake looks so cute with it's frosting...I love cupcakes of course..!! Looks great, fab job.


Oh...that frosting on the cupcake! It looks so darned good!


That cupcake looks delicious! Love the streusel idea too.


LOVE that banana frosting blanketing that cupcake...great job!!!!


Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Love the frosting and the streusel ideas! Wish I'd thought of them. ;)


You're making my mouthwater with that banana frosting. Oh YUM!


Your post is so cute, I love how you write! The little frosted cupcake is adorable!


Cupcakes! What a good idea. I will have to try that next time I make this recipe.


oh yum on the cupcake. banana frosting sounds SO Great!!


The cinnamon streusel looks delicious. Great idea making a cupcake - yum!


OMGosh..your pictures are absolutely scrumptious looking. Can you send me a slice of that delectable loaf with banana frosting..yum!!


Banana frosting! Yum! I have to try that next time. I think you did fine with the marbling. I love that you made one cupcake - perfect portion control! I have no ability to be so careful, myself.

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