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July 23, 2008


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Your soup looks great - nice and thick! I considered a roux as well....don't feel bad.


I can just imagine how amazing your soup must taste and smell. That's hilarious how you had to divide 2 egg yolks in 6.. I have to do that too, but that's because I'm afraid noone except me will eat my food.


I think your soup looks great.
I need a better "set" too. Right now mine is a desk lamp shining down on a desk that has a cloth thrown over a stack of foodie mags. And even that is better than what I was doing before.
Your soup's colouring is very good.
I would love to speak Italian, I think it is the most beautiful of languages.


Looks really delicious!


I kept waiting for my soup to thicken too! Good idea to add a roux to it since that's what a veloute requires! I like the black background in your photo. Very sharp.
Shari@Whisk: a food blog


This soup looks great. I found your blog because I'm searching for the perfect veloute recipe. Had fun having a look around. I'm in the same boat with my kitchen "set" too!

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would yo mind emailing me. I am a chef instructor that would like to use your picture of Agnes Sorrel Soup until I can do the soup myself AND if yours is better I may need to use it for a while

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