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July 23, 2008


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The photo, in my opinion, says it all as to how it would not work. It would really take a lot of training for some people to remember that they have that thing on their finger. For instance..see that drink they have? They go to take a sip and either drop the food on the floor or in the drink..ewwww. Not to mention that you can't really bend your finger that is in use which would bother the heck out of me. For me, this is so not a good invention and would be a waste of money. I would rather eat that little finger food and wipe my fingers immediately on my napkin and be free of anything that would limit my movement and have me feeling like I had a food ring on my hand! lol.:)


Oh, I would SO have that thing flung off the Finger Food Ring and smashed into someone's prized rug in NO TIME FLAT.

How do you balance a stuffed mushroom on it?

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