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July 16, 2008


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Your soup looks great, I love all the accompaniments with it. I found it mild and fairly thin as well but I guess it's a French thing! Great job!


Okay, number one - I really need to make that panini. Number two, I gave you an award, so stop on by to pick it up!


Your soup looks amazing! I will have to check out Le Cordon Bleu at Home. That panini sounds delicious too, what a creative dinner!


Nice job on the soup!


Great post - your soup looks fantastic.


My goodness do you have fancy meals! Everything on the table looked delicious. Working through the Le Cordon Bleu book is such a great idea. I'm in the middle of graduate school, but I want to attend pastry school as well. I can't fit both in my schedule, so maybe I should get a CIA pastry book or something.


The "tie it with a leek" solution for the bouquet garnis is an excellent one. And is in fact used in the professional kitchen; also, wrapping in cheesecloth or tying with plastic wrap (yes, really). It can just be tossed in, as was suggested, if the dish is going to be strained later (not the case here).
Nice julienne too.


I love how you tied your Bouquet Garni! Very creative. I'm glad you liked the soup - so did I!


Oh, wow...everything looks so perfectly delicious. Your photos tell the story so well...I just want to sit down and eat the meal with you...please???? Thanks for sharing...you did a great job of it all.


Hi! Welcome to Whisk Wednesdays. I'm so glad you joined the fun.

This was so much fun to read and it sounds like you had great success with the soup. We really enjoyed it here, too.

I didn't put in the turnips because we all feel very meh about them here.

My julienne was okay for a first time try, I suppose, and my little cheesecloth bag came untied, so that my Julienne Darblay was speckled with herbs, but all in all, it was a successful week.

By the way, your Dorie pudding looks DIVINE!!!


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