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July 30, 2008


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I'm sorry, I shouldn't have had a laugh at your expense. But your story was touching and funny at the same time.

I skipped this months challenge as well.


Hi Teanna! Yes, my dog is Remy too! But a boy, West Highland terrier. I'm sorry about your cake, but these thigns happen. The poitn of makign the cake is for your enjoyment, and it seemed way too stressful for you yesterday. It is totally OK!

Molly W

Well for starters, the day isn't over. But I understand. I haven't started the cake yet. I've got the ingredients,though I'd rather do almond, I've set out the pans (I want to make two seven inch cakes), but do I have the time or energy? A hectic summer, and TWD and DB almost on the same day is not an easy thing. In my book it's okay to be late, because the experience is more important than being on time. Hang in there.


I looked at the hazelnuts my last grocery trip and almost shreiked. LOL It's getting crazy how expensive food is becoming.

Hope you get to visit your boyfriend soon. :o)


Funny! Looking forward to seeing you rock it next month.


You poor thing. I don't know how the heck you are making due without a vehicle but I am happy that you will soon get to move back to NYC. . .$30.? WoW! That is a BIG expense. You know, there will always be next month.

Clumbsy Cookie

Oh so sorry you weren't able to do it! $30? That's really a lot! I'm sure you would have done a great job, hope to see you next month!


Aaaah, I'm sorry it didn't work out :( Next month will hopefully be better.


And I thought I had it bad when my microwave broke down!! Kidding aside, welcome to the DB and don't fret about missing out, there is always next month!


oh, no :( no worries, I also missed last month's challenge. And I also just moved to DC about 2 months ago (but my move is a bit more permanent) anyway, one thing that might cheer you up are all the great farmer's markets in the area.
Welcome to the DB!

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