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September 10, 2009


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it's true! butter is actually better than the others, they did an article about it in this month's Bon Appetit! By the way, great looking appetizer!!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Fabulous appetizer sandwich! I have to try fig butter, sounds really good!


I wish I was having this for lunch! Lovely!


What an awesome appetizer! I have recently added a bit of butter back into my life. It's soooo good... :)


Wow, very impressive, Teanna!

And I guess, I will never get a stiff knee again, a cavity, etc. etc...good to know, good to know.:)


What an event!! And I love fig preserves for sure - holy yum.

Joan Nova

I'm liking that fig butter and especially the fact that it can easily be made at home and not sought after in some remote, overpriced, gourmet shop. It also gives me the idea of other interesting butters waiting to be made from one's pantry and refrigerator inventory.


Oh my goodness. Fig butter. I want to have it. Now.


Hmmmm - these look so elegant and not to mention...DELICIOUS!


Looks and sounds fab. Can't wait to try it!


wow, those look great and I'm sure the food was a huge hit at the event! You catered to The Countess!!! Awesome! I am dying to know what else yiou served at the event!


fig butter! yes! I'm glad I was not at that event as I would be that gross person eating these all and not talking to anyone.


what sophisticated little bites, and what a promising catering future you have. :)


By brain went into continuous loop mode when I read the words fig butter.


LOL - thanks for the benefits of butter.

The Duo Dishes

Fig butter is out of this world. Sweet, salty, yummy. Nice idea.


What a unique combination - it sounds great!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Beautiful... and delicious! And... what great benefits to butter! LOL


MMm thanks for alleviating guilt about eating butter. ;) Fig butter sounds amazing.


that is a very impressive dish, so elegant and sophisticated!

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