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July 07, 2009


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Cookin' Canuck

A mint layer inside brownies? I'm sold! These look fabulous!


Love the changes you made. I agree, NO NUTS in brownies! Great job once again!


Brilliant! I love your tribute brownies, too!


While I don't fully agree about the nuts in brownies issue, I do love a minty brownie. YUM-O!!! These look awesome! Yours is only the second one I've had time to look at, but I'm gonna love this.
Definitely a GREAT, simple, go-to brownie!
And you're right--yours do look like a giant Andes mint! I'll share mine if you share yours!

Tangled Noodle

Katherine Hepburn was an original - no doubt she would approve of your independent streak with these brownies! I love nuts in brownies but would happily swear off them if the alternative is this creamy mint layer. Giant Andes Mints exactly! My husband will love these!


Those look delicious! Nice work!




Oh, HOLLA, indeed!!! I did say think, "Whoa" when I logged in--sure don't look like MY brownies. And I am totally with ya on the no nuts in brownies deal..

AND? Chocolate mint is about my favorite flavor EVER.

So yours is a keeper. Nice work.


Yum! They look delicious and soo pretty! I love the middle layer, great idea! Ande mints are my favorite!


I also thought mint would be a perfect tribute to Ms Hepburn. Alas, I only had fresh mint and the thought of figuring out how to incorporate it was NOT happening last night.
They look fabulous! Great job!


Brownies and nostalgia- Love it!


Delicious addition! I love mint patties and am going to have to try your recipe. Lovely!

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Totally agree about the nuts...and the cinnamon. Your brownies look perfect! Katherine would have approved. Now, I wish I would have made them. But, I just couldn't bear the thought of one. more. brownie. in this house!


Great idea. These brownies were so thin, they kind of cried out for another layer (or two!).


These look awesome!
I love mint patties, fantastic addition.
I agree, no nuts in brownies!


You have come a long way with this baking Teanna! I am so impressed and in awe. Those are beautiful. :)


I feel the same way about nuts in brownies. What a wonderful addition to add peppermint patties!


I want one. Those look fantastic. I love peppermint patties. I think you should post a video of you eating the brownie and doing a ski jump. Too funny.

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oh MAN!! Now these are my kind of brownies! I almost threw in some Andes mint chips, but decided not to at the last minute.....I should've!!! The look great!


Sold! Just imagine those brownies chopped up in ice cream.....

I'll leave you with that visual now.

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