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July 09, 2009


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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sounds like a great dish! I am hungry for a sandwich already and I just finished eating breakfast!


What a great sandwich!


simply amazing! I'm at loss for words because I'm just drooling over these delicious photos all over your blog.

Tangled Noodle

I want some [pork] butt! Patience is not my strong suit but I can muster up enough if the end result is something this delicious. I am so making that stone fruit chutney . . .

Purple chicken and digestive biscuits - London sounds like a blast! 8-) If you figure out how to get that job as a flavor-inventor and ice cream-taster, put in a good word for me, too!


Wow, that sandwich looks utterly amazing!


Wow, did that bring back memories..Another fun fact: we also would have Tina Turner backup dancer contests. That was only when there was a lot more wine than chicken consumed, though!
Dinner was amazing last night, T xoxo

The Duo Dishes

Stone fruit chutney? You should put that in a jar.


Nice! That chutney sounds really delish! I'm saving this.


Everything about this dish sounds fantastic! I don't doubt it is the best dish ever!

Cookin' Canuck

This sounds incredibly yummy! Where do you find date syrup?


It was weird how in the taste challenges they wouldn't identify some things that might seem obvious to be in there like salt or pepper. Well maybe those are not so obvious or it could be something else that's salty hm. Anyway I continue to enjoy your top chef posts!

Sugar B

You are hilarious, I swear. I wish you live nearby so we can be real friends.

I am so loving that pork sandwich.

You are awesome.


Are you free for dinner next Friday night, cuz this chica will never turn down the opportunity to share a cuban sandwich with someone!

Madam Chow

So, don't hold back, did you like it? ;)


What tasty sounding sandwich!

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