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April 22, 2009


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i'm very curious about these guys!
i'm trying...note the word trying...to bake a little healthier :)


I love your blog - especially the title! I ALSO can't wait to make these brownies :)

Gina's WW Recipes

These look decadent!


They look great!
Do they freeze well?


any way i can substitute something for the applesauce?


I made them but they didn't rise and are about 1/4 of an inch thick.

They taste all right I guess,
but did he recipe include and baking soda or powder which I wasn't aware of?


Hi Lindsay,

I am sorry you didn't like these. I made them (again) last night and still loved them as much as the first time, but I did make a note to note on this post that they are rather thin (something that really didn't strike me the first time I made them). Being that they are meant to be a fudgey brownie recipe, there is no baking soda or powder, which would just make them too cakey.

I really love these heated up a bit with some cool whip. Have you tried them that way? Like I noted in the post, these are not the rich, fudgey brownies that we all know and love, but in my opinion, they are the best low-fat, low calorie brownies I have tasted. Again, just my opinion!

I hope you do try them the way I suggested and I hope they change your mind!



That looks so delicious! And I bet it is really is! Thanks for the recipe guide on that brownies! I bookmarked it already and gonna ask my sister to bake this for us! Thanks for sharing!


I've been trying many different healthy brownie recipes for weeks (3 different ones for the past 3 weekends) and I thought all hope had been lost when the first two were just "eh". When i made this one, I was hopeful but not expecting much. WOW. These brownies were amazing! The coffee (which btw, i just used ground up espresso beans) added to the richness, the brownies were nice and sweet, i might add only 3/4 a cup of sugar next time. The texture was perfect, as well. I did the calculations for 10 brownies and found out it was only 115 calories/brownie! This is definitely going to be my go-to recipe when i'm needing a brownie fix that I can feel good about! Thank you so much!

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Fantastic brownies, I love the look of this one. It reminds me of my favorite brownies in KFC!


I made these last night and they are deelish! I'm having a taste test today at work between this recipe and another on the About.com Low Fat Cooking Website. We'll be serving taste test brownies and a delightful coffee to go with. These passed the husband test, so we're a go with the healthy brownies! I need clarification on the calories though - the recipe says Serves 16 at the top, but then the instructions say to cut into 12 pieces. I don't know about your friends and family, but nobody I know is going to share a piece of brownie! So are the calories for the 12 pieces or 16? Please let me know. Thanks for sharing!


did anyone notice the fact that in the directions, it doesnt say when to add the vanilla extract? Do you add it with the applesauce and the egg whites?? that's what i'm thinking...


i made these today and for healthy they are great! i made brownie bites and cooked for 15 min. the texture is soft and perfect, but the applesauce does throw the taste off a little.
i sub. 1/2 cup honey for the sugar, and used 1 egg since i didn't want to mess with egg whites. will be making again.


So I made the brownies, and I've got to say, way to go! They aren't the most amazing food I've ever tasted, but for being low cal, they certainly get the job done.

However, I feel the need to point out that these 100 calorie brownies are 100 calories because, well, there's not that much brownie there... If you cut the pan into 16 (it says 16 at the top and 12 at the bottom, so I did 16 just in case), you're looking at a less than 2x2 chunk. And the brownies are pretty thin. You'd get at least twice as thick of a brownie from a box mix, so keep that in mind.

The good certainly outweighs the bad and I would 100% recommend these to anyone who needs a brownie fix. Thanks for the great recipe!


I did some research on healthy brownies and it seems that baby prunes(baby food) are another great way to substitute the oil and apparently make a better texture in taste tests....

Linda Burley

these sound absolutely delectable.. i can't wait to make some of these delicious sounded treats


By far the best healthy brownies I've had! They are super moist and insanely easy to make. I've varied them by adding peppermint flavor, chocolate chips, or dried fruit, and they've been delish every time. Thanks!


ooh, yum. i loove brownies & need a healthier recipe! thanks!


Lowfat grossness cracked me up. I love healthified treats!


one question - you say to cut the pan into 12 brownies, but that the recipe makes 16 servings. which measurement is the nutrition information based on?

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